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This page will link to various other pages and pictures of items that we think are of interest and you might too! Mainly from services and activities that have happened that you may have been at, and want to be reminded of, may have missed, and you want to see what happened, or may just be of general interest!

We hope you enjoy some memories...

A year in pictures - click on the year: 2015 2016 2017 2018

When light shines on the cross - photo from 11/9/16

How do we as Christians respond to issues of climate change? See some ideas from a recent service here!

How a youngster sees our church? See Matthew's interpretation through his own drawing here.

September 1st - Day of Prayer - see prayer stations and details here!

Harvest 2017 in pictures - here!

From a service on October 22nd 2017 - the idea of our names written on the hand of God (click here) and For the healing of the nations with finger prints of the congregation as fruit, showing that just like we are all different yet all of one family, so are the nations of the world (click here).

The 10 commandments in easy to understand words (from a service on Oct 29th 2017) - here!

Christmas Crib Festival December 2017 - view a PDF of the cribs here.

Talents weekend in May 2018 - view a PDF of the event here.

Sew Spiritual in September 2018 - the Creation through quilting and words - view a PDF of the event here.

50th anniversary weekend - for pictures of the display in the church, together with the order of service click here. For a view of the posters around the walls showing events of the last 50 years click here.