Role Descriptions

NB Each role title either links to a DRAFT role description or is waiting for a DRAFT description to be added. Please note the word DRAFT! These role descriptions have yet to be agreed and especially which ones need what sort of DBS check and the accountability (as shown in Part 2 of each role description).


Assistant Steward

Book of Remembrance Organiser

Bookings Secretary (Lettings)

Charitable Giving Administrator

Choir Coordinator

Choir member

Church Council Member

Church Council Secretary

Church Gardener

Church Group Coordinator

Church Maintenance

Church Rota Coordinator

Coffee Shop Assistant

Coffee Shop Co-ordinator

Coffee Shop Leader

Communion Steward

Cradle Roll Secretary

Crèche Volunteer

Door Steward

Envelope Secretary (Gift Aid Secretary)

Events Committee Coordinator

Events Committee Volunteer

Flower Arranger

JMA Secretary

Leadership Team Coordinator

Meeting Secretary (Minute Taker)


Notice Board Coordinator

Notices Coordinator

Occasional Event Organiser

Pastoral Group Leader

Pastoral Group Secretary

Pastoral Visitor

Property Steward

Publicity Coordinator

Screen Operator

Senior Steward

Social Media Co-ordinator

Song Pro Volunteer (Hymns on screen)

Sound System Volunteer


Sunday Club Assistant

Sunday Club Leader

Traidcraft Seller


Vestry Steward

Website Administrator

Worship Band Coordinator

Worship Consultation Coordinator

Worship Leader