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Most events are listed in our weekly notices  however we will also list any special events here, as appropriate. Some events will also appear on our home page.


2017 Crib Festival - view a PDF of some of the Cribs here

2018 Talents Weekend - view a PDF of some of the talents and activities here

There are also coach trips and a quiz organised - see details here


The next festival we will look forward to after Easter is Petecost.


We think the people who either live in Catshill or have links with Catshill should be proud of their village. To that end we are planning an exhibition in June about Catshill, past present and possibly even future, under the heading of “Proud of Catshill”.


Our own Minister Rev Anne Smith commented, “I have been resident in Catshill for nearly 5 years as minister of the Church and I have been struck by what a wonderful village it is. True it is bigger than what most people envisage a village to be, but in my mind it has many of the qualities of a smaller village, with so many people knowing each other, willing to support each and so many activities going on that people can join in with. In addition there are many opportunities, facilities and groups that meet regularly, whether in the village hall, school or one of the churches, that are open to all. Indeed, we like the village so much as that I approach my retirement we have bought a house in Catshill so we can stay here and continue to enjoy the friendship and warmth we have experienced since we first came.”


The exhibition will be open on Friday and Saturday June 7th and 8th in the Methodist Centre in Golden Cross Lane, between 10 am and noon and 2 – 4 p.m. Refreshments will be available.

Residents, ex residents and anyone who has an interest in Catshill are invited to put forward an exhibit that can be on show. Aspiring and experienced artists are encouraged to produce something specifically for the exhibition that shows an aspect of or tells the story of Catshill. It can be a painting, drawing, photograph, digitally produced or enhanced work, collage, tapestry – even a model or sculpture! Anything that can be loosely described as artistic is welcome. Equally any Catshill memorabilia would also be welcome. It is also hoped that local schools will look at the possibility of perhaps classes doing small projects together that can be entered and displayed, such as a street map of the village with pictures of places of interest or perhaps a collage of stories and events from recent local media.


Visitors to the exhibition will be asked to vote for their favourite exhibit in 3 categories – under 16 individual, over 16 individual and class project and there will be small prizes for the most popular exhibit in each category.


Anyone interested in entering an exhibit should complete an entry form by May 24th. The entry form can be found here or can be obtained by sending a request by post to David Morgan c/o Catshill Methodist Church, 66, Golden Cross Lane, Catshill B61 0LG – or drop the request in the church’s letterbox by the front door.